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The icons in my paintings- the curved line, the oval or egg shape, the dots and the leaf like shape – arrived out of the process of painting for most of my sixty-six years. I like to think that the images are born out of the Jungian collective unconscious. This idea of a vast, timeless pool of thoughts, memories and ideas, which all beings dip into and contribute to, has been made apparent to me in numerous ways. The egg or oval shape, which is a metaphor for creation, has been a major element in my work for thirty years. Most recently this form has transmuted into the seed, and the dot or circle, which are also perhaps more obvious symbols for creation. Presently I am working on both canvas and cradle board and exploring new materials. Sometimes I create drawings and enlarge them onto the support. At other times, and most often when I am working on cradleboard, I will work more spontaneously. Layering spray paint, acrylic, oils and silver leaf provide an exciting adventure for me. My work is marked by a profusion of soft curves and geometric shapes executed in deeply saturated color. I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I have loved making it!

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