The icons in my abstract paintings - the triangle, the stick or straight line, the curved line and the oval or egg - arrived out of the process of painting for most of my sixty years. These items are often joined with symbols taken from popular culture, the heart for example, and more ordinary objects such as the chair or the lily. Not all of the icons are present in each painting but seem to come, go, emerge, disappear and then re-emerge over time.

So each image leads to the next and, I like to think, they are born out of the Jungian collective unconscious. This idea of a vast timeless pool of thoughts, memories and ideas, which all beings dip into and contribute to, has been made apparent to me in numerous ways. The egg or oval shape, which is a metaphor for creation in sacred geometry, has been a major element in my work for over twenty years. Most recently this form has transmuted into the seed, yet another perhaps more obvious symbol for creation, as all of life is present in the seed.

While I was excavating a small canvas - painting, sanding, layering, and reworking - several compositions emerged.  Three of the designs were enlarged. Again as I worked a new element appeared; the simple curved line that, symbolically to me, were bowls. The idea of the bowl is that of a humble offering. The egg or seed inside the bowl is all creation seen as an offering to the universe. What more do we have to give than our total being? Some viewers of these works have called this curved line a smile.  I like this perspective since it underlines the joy that accompanies the gift of self .

When I was working on one of these paintings my yoga instructor said the placement of the curved lines and egg (or seed) reminded her of yantras. Yantras are Eastern geometric symbols used as meditation points to balance the mind and help focus on spiritual concepts. Beautiful! These paintings intentionally evoke the yantra as symbol in order to suggest internal balance and spiritual harmony. 

Presently I am working both on canvas and cradle board and exploring numerous new materials.  Sometimes I will create a drawing before I enlage the image onto the canvas. At other times, and most often while working on cradle board, I will work more spontaneously and directly on the support. Layering spray paint, acrylic, oils and silver or gold leaf has provided an exciting adventure for me. My work now is marked by a profusion of soft curves and geometric shapes executed in deeply saturated color. 

I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I have loved making it!
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